A Mother’s Love… for SEO

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why my mom is amazing. She takes an interest in the silly things I occupy my time with, which, in my opinion, is a sign of true love. She never ceases to surprise me with her hilarious texts, SEO-related Facebook activity, and witty quotables.

After I told her to search Google for “how to sew pointe shoes”, this is the text I received.

THAT is the question.

A fantastic newbie question. And another: “Is Goggle king?”.

Touche, Mom. Touche.

After I explained to her that the SEO rap-game was saturated, she insisted that I create a rap and take inspiration from Chuck and sent me this video:

When she’s not coaching me on SEO rap skills, she likes to brush up on her skills over at SEOmoz.

One of these things is not like the other.

No… Seriously…


Bitches love SEOmoz. That includes WBF.


But one cannot learn ALL THE THINGS from Moz… She varies her SEO training by checking in on what Distilled is up to, as well.

Hashtag Searchlove.

…on that Geraldine note:

Spotting Geraldine in NYC?Hashtag jealous.

Then again, if she didn’t have her ear to the ground on all things SEO, how else would I find out about events going on at work?

News to me!

And who else would I have to encourage me after a long day? I’ll never forget the day she hung up the phone with the following sentence:

Go Kick Some Ass and Build Some Links

I’m not entirely confident she knows what that even means, which makes it even more endearing.

Top that, other moms.


Happy birthday, Mom.

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9 Responses to A Mother’s Love… for SEO

  1. Anthony Pensabene says:

    wow- i’m going to stop making sarcastic comments to my mom.
    pff, no way! that’s how i show my love!
    this is a really unique homage and curated in a funny and interesting way.
    kinda jealous your mom got a tweet from @everywhereist too #transparency
    “you should do an seo rap” – awesome

  2. Dan Reed says:

    This is just truly awesome. It’s great that your mum takes such an interest in what you do, and just as great that you show her how much her support means to you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Paul May says:

    love this. She may not understand what that means right now, but give her a few more weeks…just a matter of time before she’s critiquing your broken link building pitches. 😉

  4. This is the cutest thing in the UNIVERSE and your mom sounds so cool. Clearly she raised a pretty kick-ass daughter.

  5. Wil Reynolds says:

    My mom and your mom should connect, my mom drops real company shit and rand fishkin on the regular. My mom is 70 though so she doesn’t text, but her FB skills are second to none.

  6. Joel says:

    I finally read this. It made me want to call my mom.

  7. bobit says:

    its really great,i think now she loves SEO

  8. Marjorie Bogert says:

    Good for you, Emma. That is my first born you are talking about. I think she is a very special mom too.

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