Cross Country Road Trip: Day 2

Remember when I told you yesterday how these posts might be pretty boring because most of the country is empty except for major cities? I have a feeling today is going to be one of those posts. The most exciting thing today was the beautiful start to the morning in the second half of Arizona, when mom and I whistled the entire Nutcracker suite through what we referred to as “winter f-ing wonderland”.

Winter f-ing wonderland

Day 2 Game Plan:

Get an early start with the end goal being Oklahoma City, OK. We got stuck in about 6 traffic jams due to tractor trailer accidents, so we ended up stopping in Amarillo, Texas.

Flagstaff to Amarillo
Day 2: Flagstaff, AZ to Amarillo, TX

The Daily Questionnaire

1) Best part of the day: Bought a pair of “authentic” (made in Dominican Republic) Minnetonka moccasins in New Mexico.

“Authentic” Moccasins

Seeing the beautiful snowy Arizona mountains in the rearview mirror as we got to the flatter landscape in Arizona was another highlight.

However, nothing trumps being awoken by my mother this morning with a picture of an owl glowing from her iPad telling me to get up. What a hoot.

Really, Mom?
Seriously? Ok, I’m awake now.

2) Worst: Seeing 6 accidents throughout Arizona and New Mexico, and being stuck in the wake of traffic left behind them. The worst one was a FedEx truck split literally in half on either side of the highway and seeing everyone’s (assumed) Christmas presents scattered everywhere.
I was disappointed that we did not run into Jesse and Walt in New Mexico. Mom recently started watching Breaking Bad and was convinced that any abandoned trailer/RV we saw was a meth lab.
I’m also disappointed that I did not find a perfectly tacky tie-dyed tee shirt with a wolf (or three) howling at a moon to go with my moccasins. It would have been even better if it had glitter puff paint. Oh, well.

3) How many states? 3: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas

Welcome to New Mexico
Welcome to New Mexico!
Welcome to Texas
Welcome to Texas!

4) How many miles driven? 608 miles

5) Any special food? Genuine New Mexican Subway flatbread turkey sandwich baked in a dirty dishwasher.

6) Most surprising thing I learned/saw today: I learned that New Mexico is very proud of its petrified wood according to the countless billboards along the highway. Yes, there were ‘scared penis’ jokes made. No, we’re not very mature.

7) Something funny: Yelling at mom every time she said “Indian” instead of “Native American”. Okay, never mind, that’s not really funny.

8) How many times did we stop? 5

9) Gas prices in each gas fill up location: Winslow, AZ $3.21. Clines Corners, NM $3.49

10) People we talked to other than each other: There was a really nice man working at the gas station in Winslow and we talked about snow. It was quite a riveting conversation, trust me.

11) What we listened to:
The first music we listened to this morning was what the hotel was playing during breakfast. It was so amazing I had to Shazam it to figure out exactly what we were listening to:

You can't make this stuff up.
Oscar McLollie and the Honey Jumpers, Dig That Crazy Santa Claus

The Nutcracker, Tchaikovsky (Literally hummed/whistled/sang the entire thing. Add that to the list of my many useless talents.)

Adam Carolla podcast

Love Line with Dr. Drew, DAG, and Adam Corolla (Can you tell my mom loves Adam?)

Pandora Christmas Station. Particularly disturbed by “Baby It’s Cold Outside” lyrics.

Jim Gaffigan “Doing My Time”


Little Feat – Willin’ as we drove through Tucamcari, NM

12) How many hours each person drove: Emma 7:30am – 12:00. Mom 12:00 – 7:15pm

13) Any animal spottings?: Hawk, Cow, Horse, stray dog in the median

14) Temperature at 10am in each location: Flagstaff, AZ 19º

15) Number of gasses passed: No seriously. The answer is still zero. What kind of ladies do you think we are?

I’m starting to go a bit crazy due to the inevitable mess and muddy floor mats in my brand new car. Looks like I’m just going to have to get over it. Surprisingly only one or two passive aggressive criticisms have been made about the others’ driving skills. Impressive.

Until tomorrow.

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