If I Was at #MozCon

Mozcon 2013 logo



The holy grail of SEO conferences.

It comes but once a year, but when it does, brace your Tweetdeck – shit’s about to BLOW UP.

Seattle, Washington is overthrown by a mob of geeks, all clambering to catch just the slightest whiff of Rand Fishkin’s Moz-brand cologne through the cool bay breeze.

Amidst the horrendous smackdowns throughout the year from Google, MozCon is the one beacon of hope that SEO nerds have to actually look forward to every year.

It’s the one time of year people who have only interacted with each other online get together, drink lots of beer to overcome the crippling awkwardness, learn about geeky things…and then tweet EVERY SINGLE MORSEL of it for the world to see, with “#mozcon” of course.

Sounds like an SEO’s dream, right?


…Except for those who are stuck back at their dank offices plugging away at keyword research, sending hopeless link outreach, and poring over the custom columns they set up in Tweetdeck for HASHTAG MOZCON.

For the 1,200 or so attendees, there are thousands more who are back at the office going about their daily work routines, including myself.

But, if I were at Mozcon…

I probably wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement

In fact, it would probably keep me from sleeping…

I would obviously arrive early

I would definitely attend the #mozcrawl

I might even pull a #Sebald

I would make sure everyone knew how awesome the stage looked

I would definitely have my expectations shattered about what people ACTUALLY look like in real life

I would cross my fingers for a seat at the cool kids table one day

I would ride the Bainbridge Ferry, ferris wheel, and visit the Space Needle

space needle at mozcon

I’d whine about the wifi

I’d get really excited about Avinash cursing, too

avinash cursing

And last but not least, I would certainly be donning plaid, or as Amber Osborne calls it, “The other #mozcon shirt”.

This post is obviously glowing green with envy. For those of you at MozCon, please keep live-tweeting your adventures. How else are we supposed to vicariously live through you?

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7 Responses to If I Was at #MozCon

  1. Victor Pan says:

    My feelings exactly =(

    At least we get the slide decks and some recordings…

  2. Riz says:

    So why aren’t you at Mozcon? :-)

    I’m as envious as you are.

  3. Sean says:

    Ahahaha, very nice!

    Love these posts from you Emma, and the sentiment is definitely shared :/ ONE DAY #MOZCON, ONE DAY!

  4. Chris M says:

    This post hits the nail on the head! I watched the #mozcon hashtag all the way from Cape Town whilst I went greener and greeeener and greeeeener!

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