Laughing At Google

Hey SEOs. Newsflash: we aren’t the only ones who pathetically obsess about Google all day.

We live in such an SEO-focused, algorithm-chasing, analytics-devouring bubble that it can be easy to forget that other people use Google, and it’s not part of their jobs. It’s part of their daily lives.

Sometimes comedians have just as intense of a love-hate relationship with Google as we do. Looks like they, too, need to get a life : )


Pete Holmes suggests that Google is ruining lives because we have the ability to know everything but we “aren’t a lick smarter for it.”

Eddie Ifft blames Google for losing his girlfriend.

Daniel Tosh blames Google for every relationship he’s ever had “going to the shitter”.

Billy Bonnell complains that Google makes it impossible to lie anymore. (1:27) “Do you remember the 1990’s when you could win an argument with a lie?”


Sean Kent explains how there’s no excuses for failure when you have the help of Google.


Ben Bailey is no longer friends with Google (1:11), because it turned into the annoying friend.

Russell Brand suggests that Google is getting a bit smug in general, with the “Didn’t you mean? in sarcastic italics”.


Daniel Tosh plays around with a few autocomplete queries. He also says that since he shows up #4 for “sexy white comedians named Daniel” in an image search, that Google is garbage, and he’s taking his business to Bing.

Bonus Autocomplete: The ladies from the Joy the Baker podcast played a rousing game of Google Auto-complete, where they come up with answers to some of listeners’ deepest, darkest Google queries.

Bonus Bonus Autcomplete: The popular Cheezburger blog also has a section dedicated to autocomplete fails.

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  1. Riyas says:

    Nice article Emma :) Sadly we live in a seo driven, google oriented, crazy world!!

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