My DiSC Assessment

There are certain necessities in life that everyone ubiquitously despises. These include, but are not limited to, taxes, jury duty, paying bills, the DMV, and taking tests. Let’s discuss the latter.

It seems that taking tests is enjoyable only to those that know they will perform well. You remember those kids in school who carefully laid out their perfectly sharpened number two pencils next to their Hello Kitty erasers, as if to say “I’m going to friggin’ rock this exam while the rest of you cry tears of shame at your pitiful desks.”.

Yeah, those kids. Well, those kids grow up. And then they have to take DiSC tests. Continue reading

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If I Were an SEO Dude

Let’s be honest. In a world where 77% of the industry is dominated by males, being a chick in SEO is quite an experience. Surrounded by a bunch of smart dudes who like the same stuff I do is pretty cool and I probably wouldn’t have realized this without the help of good ol’ Twitter. I spend a lot of time observing on Twitter, and occasionally partake in shop-talk. In fact, my favorite way to keep up with what’s going on is via Twitter, and in the process I inevitably learn about some of the “players” in the industry. Which leads me to wonder, what would I be like if I were a guy in SEO?

Warning: the following are sweeping generalizations, only mildly offensive, and likely inaccurate stereotypes based purely on my observations. Feel free to dispute or harass me in the comments below. I’ll take it like a man. Continue reading

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How to Sew Pointe Shoes

There is nothing like a brand new shiny pair of pointe shoes. Unfortunately, they do not come pre-sewn as dancers are very particular about the way they sew and break in new pointe shoes. The relationship with your shoes becomes very personal as you become one with the shoes and they cycle through the “new” to “perfect” to “dead” stages. One way to get the most out of your shoes is to sew them properly. This is the method that I’ve come to rely on when sewing my pointe shoes. Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Fail.

“Hello everyone!!! My name is Emma Still. I was born in New York state and I am writing this blog here to tell you all about who I am and what I think :) I love ballet, S.E.O., marketing, crafting, caramel & bacon (preferably together! LOL!1). I’ve been living in California since the beginning of 2012 and I just love it! However, I am adjusting to being the straight-forward, snarky, and sarcastic (how’s that for some alliteration!? Amiright!?) girl in a sea of… Californians…”

Okay, let me stop you there. See that up there? THAT is exactly what I don’t want this to be. This is my own personal project with goals behind it, and those goals aren’t to bore the shit out of you (let’s see how long that lasts). Anyway, you probably happened upon this site because you: Continue reading

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