Sometimes The Internet Lies

This is what Google tells me is happening on the Internet about me, “Emma Still”. You can decide for yourself what’s true and what’s not.

I love a short hemline.

i love a short hemline

But I value my education above all else.

i value my education

I cry when watching movies.

i get emotional

I still have a thing for my baby daddy.

I have feelings for my baby daddy

I take a stand for females and our driving skills (or lack thereof).

im a bad driver

I befriend other kids on the school bus.

i want to sit by her

bus buddies

I swim to maintain my girlish figure.

i swim to maintain my girlish figure

I’m a domestic goddess and all-around good helper.

im a domestic goddess

I guess no one got the memo.

back in ny

And last, but certainly not least, I shrunk about 3 feet, and picked up some slick gymnastics moves.i do gymnastics

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2 Responses to Sometimes The Internet Lies

  1. Mike Wilton says:

    As an added bonus, Google suggest also says you “can’t come to terms”

  2. Shane says:

    So what’s better for the figure? Swimming or Gymnastics? I’m looking for new exercise regimes 😛

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