Vehicle Registration Fees By State

I’ve moved across the country twice within the last year, and have lived in 3 states throughout that time. Safe to say, it’s a lot of stress, paperwork, and annoying errands. The biggest pain for me was dealing with my car. I spent far too much time procrastinating figuring out how to go about switching my drivers license, license plates, registration, insurance, etc.

Of the 3 months I’ve spent in Pennsylvania so far, the last thing I’ve wanted to do was go through the ‘switch all your shit over’ process. But, while begrudgingly doing some research, I realized a lot of this information wasn’t easily digestable. So I decided to play around with a simple fusion table that displays the cost to register your vehicle in each state. Knowing vehicle registration fees for each state could be handy for those who tend to move around from state to state.

The data presented here only represents the costs to register a motor vehicle, not a motorcycle or truck or rocket ship. Be aware, also, that in some states, things like the weight of the vehicle, its age, and/or depreciated value can have an effect on the fees associated with registering your car. Each state differs with the way in which it bases its fees. For more info than you could ever care to read about this stuff, you can find it allĀ here.

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