Cross Country Road Trip: Day 3

After only sleeping for about 5 hours last night, and enduring our longest leg of the trip so far, you’ll have to forgive me for a half-assed recap. It’s already hard enough to write these at the end of a long day while resisting the urge to make inappropriate jokes. Give me some credit.

Day 3 Game Plan:

Get to the Hyundai dealership as soon as it opens to get the oil changed, car washed, and on the road! The goal was to make it from Amarillo, TX to St. Louis, MO, making it the longest leg of the trip so far. SUCCESS.

Upland to Flagstaff to Amarillo to Pacific Missouri
Getting closer

The Daily Questionnaire

1) Best part of the day: Seeing the adorable little snouts of baby piglets sticking out of truck holes. (Yes, “truck holes” is the technical term for them.)

Oink Oink
D’awww =)

2) Worst: Seeing the adorable little snouts of baby piglets sticking out of truck holes knowing their fate.

Sorry pig
D’awww =(

Waiting for two hours to get my oil changed this morning wasn’t very fun, either.

3) How many states? 3 – Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri

4) How many miles driven? 724 miles. Holy crap.

5) Any special food?: Inspired by the fields full of cows along the way today, we decided to venture into the back-country roads of Missouri for some steak.

6) Most surprising thing I learned/saw today: I learned that in Missouri, as I got a giant whiff of cigarette during dinner, that you’re allowed to smoke in restaurants!?!?

Motorcycle helmets are optional in Oklahoma.

According to Oklahoma billboards, “The Lord Jesus Christ is Our Savior, Not a Swear Word”.

7) Something funny: Nothing a non-slap-happy, non-delirious person would find funny. I think we’re getting to the “immature ridiculous laughter” portion of the trip.

8) How many times did we stop? 3

9) Gas prices in each gas fill up location: Weatherford, Oklahoma $2.99 Mount Vernon, MO $2.95

10) People we talked to other than each other: This morning, I met a man named Patrick who worked at the Hyundai dealership. Our meeting was full of some crazy coincidences.

Coincidence Number 1: Patrick moved to Amarillo, Texas from Fontana, California only 2 months ago, and Fontana is only about 10 minutes from where I lived in California.

Coincidence Number 2: When Patrick asked me what I do for a living, I had a minor panic attack because it’s hard to explain to strangers. I told him “internet marketing”. When he asked what kind, I was intrigued, because the normal response is usually “cool”. So I told him “SEO”, and he said, “No way! I used to be the regional manager of Blah-blah-SEO-company!” I had never heard of the company and don’t quite understand how one can be a “regional manager of SEO”, but I took his enthusiastic word for it.

When all of this went down, I knew I was going to write about it, and considered doing the friendly-fellow-SEO thing and link to the dealership’s website. The reason you are not seeing a link to their website is because my oil change took 1.5 hours and then the car wash took 30 additional minutes. No link for you, slowpokes.

11) What we listened to:

Adam Carolla podcast again. Joy the Baker podcast again.

Mumford and Sons

The Lumineers

Ellie Goulding

Versus, Dead Leaves per the recommendation of Don Rhoades. Thanks Don!

12) How many hours each person drove: Mom 10:00am – 12:30pm. Emma 12:30pm – 6:00pm. Mom 7:15pm – 9:00pm. Emma 9:00pm – 10:30pm

13) Any animal spottings?: Lots of hawks, lots of cows, llamas, and piglets.

14) Temperature at 10am in each location: 36º in Amarillo Texas.

15) Number of gasses passed: Not even answering this one anymore. Obviously the answer will always be zero.

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4 Responses to Cross Country Road Trip: Day 3

  1. Ha! I should have offered the George Strait classic Amarillo By Morning:

    FYI – you’ll find most salesmen are from (insert your hometown) and used to do (insert current occupation here). When I worked retail, I never went that route, but lot’s of the old-schoolers did.

    Are you riding US 66 or I-40?

    • Emma Still says:

      He wasn’t actually a salesman, but that seems like an effective tactic that Patrick seemed totally capable of trying.. :) And we were on I-40 for the majority of the way.

  2. Anthony Pensabene (or Content Muse when dressed in costume) says:

    that patrick is a smooth operator. coincidentally, he gave me the same spiel during one of my cross-country brigades. don’t link to him, girlfriend! (said saucily with head gyration) he doesnt even call after.

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